Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Navigation Menu #1 : Simple one using CSS

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Hello buddies, today I've come up with a super simple navigation menubar using CSS and CSS3 transition. Focusing on the basics of navigation menu, it is made using unordered list. The list-style-type is set to none, so that all the bullets before the lists are removed. Before going through the tutorial, I hope you're familiar to CSS basics and CSS3 Transitions. If you're not then please hop over to the resource section to make those topics clear in your mind.
simple navigation bar
You should look the live demo of the Menubar before going through the tutorial.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

What is CSS Reset and How to Use it?

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What is CSS Resets?

You would have probably seen in source codes many sites the comment " /* CSS Resets */ ". The thing is really simple. Every browser(IE,Chrome,Firefox,etc.) sets their own default CSS properties. Like blue color for anchor links and Purple for visited anchor links(You may have noticed while testing html files). Another example, in Firefox all focused anchor links ( :focus selector) have blue dashed-borders and in chrome yellow border. See, below image.
css resets demo
Image courtesy: Six Revisions
    So what CSS Reset does is: It resets all default browser CSS properties to our own default properties. We can set our own default properties according to our needs and website needs. It actually tells the browser that you are the boss.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Learning HTML And CSS (Where you should learn it?)

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where to learn html and css

The web design world is really cool. Endless possibilities for your imagination. The webpage is the blank canvas it just needs your skill and knowledge turn that canvas into beautiful painting. Well, here in web development we don't have brushes and colors, but, bunch of codes and a logical brain. To first develop a logical brain you need knowledge. So here I'll show you how I learnt HTML and CSS. The articles, Sites and E-books I referred.