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Learning HTML And CSS (Where you should learn it?)

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where to learn html and css

The web design world is really cool. Endless possibilities for your imagination. The webpage is the blank canvas it just needs your skill and knowledge turn that canvas into beautiful painting. Well, here in web development we don't have brushes and colors, but, bunch of codes and a logical brain. To first develop a logical brain you need knowledge. So here I'll show you how I learnt HTML and CSS. The articles, Sites and E-books I referred.


W3schools is the best place for beginner to start learning web development from its core basics. They have provided really informational and to the point data for you to learn. All the HTML and CSS tutorials over there are interactive and they provide you the Try it yourself utility to practice whatever you learnt. Its a great site for you to start off. I finished those tutorials in a week, practicing 2 hours a day. The thing is to understand the concept and use it appropriately in your site.

After clearing the basics:

After you've cleared yourself with divs, classes, pseudo-classes, selectors. You should be able to create a small basic website. Like a Biography on yourself(As you see on Wikipedia). HTML is not big deal you just need to remember the syntax and should know when to use it. The creativity is in CSS, I would like you to r6ad the E-book CSS Mastery by Andy Budd (Click to Download). Its an awesome in detail CSS book that will really make code CSS like a pro and will help you to make really beautiful, eye catchy designs.

After CSS:

After CSS you should jump to CSS3. W3schools is what I prefer. CSS3 will take your design to new level. It will help you do transitions and animation , add shadows to text and elements,etc. In short it'll make your design come alive. Don't jump to HTML5 right now. Only learn it if you feel you're perfect to go and have learnt javascript. Some of the fundamental of HTML5 are based on JS. 

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